A Strong seafood group

Marenor is wholly owned by the Norwegian group Insula AS, which owns about 15 strong and traditional seafood companies in the Nordics. That is why we say "A better world through love of seafood", reflecting the skills and power in Marenor and all Insula sister companies. 

Our name Marenor gives a hint of our business; "mare" is the Latin word for sea and "nor" signals our Nordic origin. 

Marenor is like a viable tree with several branches where the roots extend back all the way to the 19th century. 

19th century
Hugo Hallgrens canning factory

The Nordic sea is the origin to everything we do, and has been ever since 1867 when our oldest branch in the business, Hugo Hallgrens canning factory, started in Gothenburg.

Early 20th century
Boviks Canning factories

Already in the early 20th century the brothers Alfred and Otto Bovik pickled the first herring at Boviks Canning factory. With a strong and traditional hand they ran the company into becoming one of Bohusläns most sucessfull canning factories. It makes us proud that we have been able to offer our customers quality products that has been produced on the sea's conditions for over one hundered years. 

Late 20th century
Festab AB

In 1991 our company tree grew with another sustainable branch when Festab AB, with its origin in Kungshamn since 1974, was brought in to the former Norwegian owners Domstein. 

Marenor AB

Marenor is formed in 2015 after the new owner, Insula AS, acquired the business. Insula is a strong owner with the maritime sector in focus and offers the best possible conditions for continued investments. The name Marenor clarifies our core values - "Mare" stands for the sea and "nor" reminds us of our Nordic origin. 

Västkustfilé AB

In 2016 another important branch is attached to the company tree as Västkustfilé AB is  aquired. Since the start in 1974 in the small fishing village Bua, outside of Varberg, the company has grown into a significant supplier of fresh and processed fish. 


A lot has happened since the end of the 19th century. But the core to our business is the same today as when it all started - to deliver sustainable caught seafood of high quality, with passion for good food, quality and safety. The methods has been refined along the way and the products has evolved, but the craft and knowledge continues to be in the centre of everything we do. 

Safety Knowledge & Responsibility


We will be world-leading as a producer of high-quality seafood products with sustainable development in focus. 


We will contribute to increased share of eco-labelled products in the stores worldwide and through that secure the access of marine products for future generations. 

Business idea

Marenor will develop, produce and sell first class produce, based primarily on marine raw material, to quality and environmentally conscious customers and consumers.


We will be the leaders in our business area in the Nordics and contribute to increased consumption of fish and seafood based products over all as well as create profitable growth through focused export to selected markets with existing or potentially large consumption of seafood products.